Meet your photographer!

Hello there my radient friend! We're definitely going to have fun together!

I'm Michelina and I am so excited to help you capture your story! Seriously, for over 10 years I have LOVED documenting families and their love stories!


I grew up as an Army brat making friends all over the globe. But we moved so often, that my parents and siblings were the only constant in my life. When I met my husband at 18 I knew I needed him as constant in my life as well, and we've been married for 20 years.

When our first baby was born, documenting our growing family was super important to me, but it was after our 3rd baby that photography just really took a hold of me! I didn't just want photos of my family, I wanted professional quality photos of my family ALL.THE.TIME....I think it's because once the live moment is gone in real time all you have is the memory and I wanted my photos to feel so real they brought me back in time. So here I am, passing that on to your family, hoping to give you an accurate visual of your family's memories.

I love chai tea, snuggling with my cats, camping, watching my boys play soccer, mom/daughter time, laughing with friends around a fire, game nights, wine tasting, a good mojito or pineapple cider, cheesy rom-coms, soaking in the sunshine, beets and goat cheese, adventures and sunsets.

I'm intentional, determined, kind, and many of my little clients have wanted to invite me for play dates after we have our seems like I've earned their friendship!


Let's work together!

I am obsessed with bold sunsets, light filtered 

through trees, and pausing tiny moments of

 time. We'll definitely get the shots with everyone looking and smiling, but I will spend most of the time capturing all the sweet and silly interactions you have with each other as we explore the beach, walk through the weeds, or run through fields.  If you love these types of photos, then we'll be a good fit!

Working with children

You've put a lot of effort into coordinating your family photos, and you probably realllllly want your kids to cooperate. So it's super important that your kids trust me and that we create a little friendship while we're together. I like to play games, talk nonsense, and get down (or up) on their level so they're willing to cooperate, and ultimately so I can capture their unique personalities.

Working with babies

I have photographed hundreds of brand new babies, (singletons and multiples) and older babies so you can be assured I know almost every trick in the baby soothing techniques to help make your session go as smoothly as possible. Don't worry about bringing anything, I will supply everything needed to create beautifuly styled images!


Where the Magic Happens!

Studio Sessions

5835 Traffic Way, Atascadero California

Whether it's capturing the adorable innocence of a brand new baby or commemorating significant developmental stages of an older baby, these sessions provide a clean, comfortable and controlled environment where all props, backdrops, and setups are thoughtfully provided. With professional equipment and a focus on safety and comfort, these sessions ensure that every detail is considered, resulting in beautiful and timeless imagery.